An idea is needed to create an online economic browser-based game, where it is necessary to build the infrastructure of the city, to work and rest(do you have to spend money somewhere? :)) It is planned to use Google maps in the game, where the players'objects will be displayed.>
p.s.I am a developer and I would like to do just for fun, the publication of the game is planned on social networks.

  • The best online game I've played is Grepolis. On the drum age and gender - everyone plays it. But in the last 2-3 years, InnoGames (its developer) has become too greedy. giving incredible advantages to players who can buy virtual gold in the game for real money. I understand that there should be a profit - but what they are doing is simply unbelievable .. many players are disappointed and want to leave. if you create a similar game, but to remove their shortcomings - the millionth audience is provided.
    [email protected] - write me if you are interested, I can become your guide to grepolis, introduce you to the veterans of the game, who will also be happy to help you with what to leave Grepolis and what to change or remove. my Skype contact - besmarrussia
    – Escape from Jun 21 '16 at 14:27

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Heroes of might and magic on Google maps - bomb
I would play not in economic, but in military.To move the troops on Google Maps, redraw the world for themselves.And if more messages from the troops arrive at the post office and send orders through the same post, then generally cool.Full immersion…
  • in general, I would like to make a series of games, including on a military theme, but first you need to get a hand.

    I have already learned to position my own objects on the maps, it remains to “catch the wave” (the idea).
    – Imperial90 Sep 6 '10 at 21:27
Start with a simple one.The strategy to eliminate the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will go as well as possible.Especially if it is focused on busurman.
Look at Oiligarchy(http://www.addictinggames.com/oiligarchy.html), it is a great example of a game popular because of its social and political relevance.
Necessary - think up.Especially since this is just for fun.
  • if the idea would have been, obviously this topic was not here, do not you consider it logical? – Imperial90 Sep 7 '10 at 17:57
Designing public transport! With interchanges, depot, bridges, tunnels.

It is interesting to solve such problems - for example,
What will help to fight traffic jams - the expansion of roads or multi-level junctions and tunnels?
How to organize the work of traffic lights to stand less at each intersection?
Which buses are overcrowded, and which “carry air”?
Where to lay the subway? Deeper or closer to the ground? Or maybe even better monorail on the overpass?
Make it possible to rob cows and you will capture not only social networks, but also the world.
3D-Ekshon the essence is as follows...The user can play forest elves, guard the palace and the villain.And if the user is playing elves, then elves in the forest, wooden houses are crowded with palace soldiers and villains.It is possible to rob the cows...And once the forest elf do something so that there is a dense forest...And the engine can be set so that in the distance trees are a picture, when they come up they are transformed into 3-dimensional trees[1].You can buy, etc.features like in daggerfall.And the 3-dimensional enemies, too, and the corpse, too, 3d.You can jump, etc.If you play for the protection of the palace, you must obey the commander, and protect the palace from evil(I did not invent a name) and spies, elf partisans, and go on raids on some of these(elves, evil...).Well, if for evil...it means that spies or partisans of elves sometimes attack, the user himself the commander can do what he wants to order his troops to attack the palace with him and go on the attack.There are 4 zones in total.Those.the map and it has 4 zones, 1 is the zone of people(neutral), 2 is the zone of the emperor(where the palace is), 3 is the zone of the elves, 4 is the zone of the evil...(in the mountains, there is an old fort...)

Also so that in the game they could not only kill but also cut off the hand and if the user is not cured, he will die, just gouge out the eye but the user may not die but simply not see the floor of the screen, or get or buy a prosthesis if the leg either died either you will crawl either in a wheelchair or the best thing...put a prosthesis.You can survive...

P.S.I want this game jwa year.

I could not resist =)

By sabzh - well, think of yourself, what are you.To do what you are not interested, and prompted from the Internet, you quickly get bored.It is always interesting to write what you want to write for you, especially if you are just a foo fan.