Need to create a schedule for internal use in the organization of social services

  1. Entities - the employee(who leads the lesson)
  2. Occupation(for example, adaptive physical education or a psychologist)
  3. Client - Full name
  4. Timeslot(?) - time for which the client is recorded on a specific day of the week
  5. Lessons I can share - for adults, for little ones
  6. A lesson can be individual or group - when you reach a group of a certain number of people - you can no longer record a person in it

Schedule - Weekly
Duration of classes - varies from 30 minutes to an hour - randomly.

The result should be an opportunity:
to create a general schedule for all specialists and occupations(and from it to filter free places - for specialists, by time, by date)
register a new client on empty seats - by selecting certain classes/specialists/days of the week
create a schedule for a specialist
create a schedule for a client(optional)
promptly remove a client from the schedule(optional)

Specialists - about 14 people, classes about 30, clients - up to 300 people.

An important point - for each specialist - per day, for example, is 8 hours of classes or 16 half-hours.That is, this can be reduced to a free table only for sorting.
Software that google basically doesn’t seem like a lot and is very expensive.It seems like Bitrix24 allows you to create this through booking, it takes each client through a deal + very paid.Is it possible to do this in Excel or in Google tables? Broke her whole head(((((

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  • share examples? – Anxious62 Nov 7 '19 at 17:36