The entire network is working correctly.It makes no sense to change equipment.
Now there is direct access to the Internet for users through more than 20 access points with an AP controller.Everything is on the Zyxel NWA 3160-n.The main gateway, it is also DHCP for ZyWall USG100 + clients.Internet access is direct.
Advise how, without changing the hardware, configure authorization in accordance with the Federal Law.Preferably by SMS.
There are a lot of servers that are not loaded.Everything on Windows Server is of different versions.Everything is licensed, so there is no desire to install UNIX-based systems.
Extract from the Federal Law
In particular, the document provides that a telecommunications operator may offer the user before opening Internet access:
  • enter the number of your mobile phone, to which the code will be sent to confirm the entered data;
  • indicate your surname, name and patronymic, confirming them with an identity document, an account on the Unified portal of public services, or in another way that does not contradict the law.

It is assumed that these methods will uniquely identify the identity of the subscriber.
Recall that the identification procedure was developed in pursuance of the Federal Law of May 5, 2014 No.97-FZ"On Amendments to the Federal Law" On Information, Information Technologies and the Protection of Information"and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on the issues of streamlining information exchange with using information and telecommunication networks", adopted as part of a package of laws that tighten measures against terrorism.
Taken from the WARRANT.

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All the same, it will be cheaper to buy a Mikrotik license, install on x86.The points can be left the same.
  • In addition to the SABJ, I need to limit users, control the flow of data, cut torrents, etc.Does USG cope with this task with a bang with the help of a free, built-in App Patrol? Firewall, BWM / – Troubled61 Aug 17 '15 at 10:26