Good afternoon friends! Now I am at the stage of searching and selecting an aggregator for online payment acceptance, and at the moment I am considering Unitpay(not advertising).Suitable for me, as they work with individuals, and you do not need a legal entity, individual entrepreneur, and the status of a self-employed.Everything takes place in the format of"Cooperation".

In the course of communication with the manager, the manager offers to identify the account according to the instructions below:

To register, you need:
You can start integration and accept payments without a certificate, in this case the account will be limited to payments(reason:"Identification is not completed").To complete the identification, you must send your personal manager(the one that is indicated in your account) the following data:
1.Scan pages 2-3 of the partner’s passport 2.Scan of the pages of the passport of the Russian Federation with the current address of registration;
3.Photo of a partner with a passport open on page 2-3, on which the partner’s face and passport data will be clearly visible;
4.Photo of a partner showing a symbol: Victoria(✌️).
By default, full account activation is performed on weekdays from 10 5 p.m.Moscow time.

I’m somehow scared to take such photographs with conventional signs, as if I get an online loan.How much can this procedure be safe for me in the future? I worry about data leakage and such photos here.

I need your opinion!
  • Read reviews about them in tyrnet.And yes, send all the forest who require such photos – Curious37 Nov 6 '19 at 09:58
  • Than you onpaywell damn qiwi finally.

    where do you find such ??? out aggregators:((((
    – Difficult Dormouse Nov 6 '19 at 10:40

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I’ve been working with unitpay for 5 years and there are no problems, they used to require a personal webmoney certificate, now something has apparently changed