I have routers of this brand at work, at home and at my relatives.
The latter started having problems in the summer.
We stick the cable from the computer into any port of the router and wifi immediately disappears.
On the router itself, the wireless diode starts blinking randomly.
Previously, these problems did not arise.The router was configured 3 years ago.
Reboots do not help, reset too.
I also noticed that with a computer on a cable with a router it has a long initialization of the network.

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from the summer

perhaps the effects of a thunderstorm?
Try another power supply, this is the very first thing to do.
Open the router, see if any capacitors are swollen.
Feel the processor, and whether it overheats.You may have to pry a fan for cooling.
Well, if the above measures didn’t help, then 99% that you yourself can’t fix this problem, then only give it to a repair specialist.Or a trash.