Recently, the Steam site stopped opening.In DotA, when I clicked on the search, the key stuck and the search did not start.After some time everything worked out fine, but then it repeated again.With VPN, the site works fine, but there are still problems with DotA.I I already decided to change the poppy address by the method of poking.Helped.The problem was solved both with the site and with Dota.For two days.Now there is exactly the same problem.I don’t know what its cause is.I even reinstalled Windows, it's all useless.
I will be glad to help.Thank you in advance.

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Change DNS to third-party.
For example -
Calculate mtu or find out from the provider.
If changing the mac address helped, change it again, then again.I don’t know why this helps you, but you need to at least find out whether it is possible to repeat the “treatment” of the problem this way.If this happened once, maybe it wasn’t mac address.

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