There is a public Wi-Fi.It is in the institution.For all the regulars of the institution, the phone has been automatically connected to Wi-Fi for a long time.
And you need to configure the router so that when you connect to Wi-Fi, there will immediately be a transition to a specific site.
As I managed to understand from other similar questions, you need to either buy a router with this functionality, or install dd-wrt on your firmware.But there(in other similar questions) everywhere you talk about user registration and only after granting access.
And I need that a person would just be thrown to the site(the guest’s order will go through this site)
If you are too lazy to explain how to do this, or if you already had the exact same question, just ask to drop a link to it.
Or a link to the material where this action is described.I don’t really know English, if that)
Thank you in advance!)
  • There is no difference in the implementation of what you want and the portal with registration, except that you do not need to save anything.The response from the user(some bold"continue" button) you need anyway, in principle. – Tender Tortoise Sep 24 '19 at 01:01
  • Tender Tortoise, that is, I can’t simply insert a third-party site instead of the registration portal? The user can go to the portal and can click the conditional button"continue" to go to the site? Is it just that? – Emo Gopher Sep 24 '19 at 01:38
  • Emo Gopher, you can put any site you like, but how will you determine that the user has already viewed it and allow him to use other sites? – Tender Tortoise Sep 24 '19 at 02:48
  • Tender Tortoise, but I don’t need to forbid/allow him anything.I need a certain site to open when I connect to wifi in the default browser) – Emo Gopher Sep 24 '19 at 03:21
  • Emo Gopher, if he doesn’t try to open anything himself, you won’t open anything for him.If he tries and you show him your site, he must somehow be able to open anything later.Otherwise, this is some kind of nonsense. – Tender Tortoise Sep 24 '19 at 03:34

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The function is called Captive Portal.
There is firmware such as dd-wrt for home routers.
There are on normal routers, for example Mikrotik.
There are on soft routers, for example pfSence.

In your case, the solution is to buy(for example) Mikrotik, configure the Captive Portal there, indicate the client’s transition to the site in it, this site should be in the white list of available sites without authorization(in the Captive Portal settings)