How to deal with bosses who work on the principle of"I'm boss, you're a fool"? Is it worth it to endure and work under the guidance of such people.Is it worth trying to argue with such bosses if I am confident in my correctness in matters in which there are disagreements or to score and do as they say? But then I’m afraid that my desire to think and develop will disappear, since the bosses decide everything.
  • the problem is not only that...
    The asshole climbs a bunch of problems that you may not even notice right now

    Don't work with assholes!
    OZM is the total cost of assholes.It turns out that having scoundrels in a team is very, very expensive.Scientists thought that dismissing a quarter of the victims of bullying(with a replacement cost of $20,000) would result in $750,000 in annual losses.
    – Gleaming Guanaco Oct 19 '19 at 13:40
  • Gleaming Guanaco, no, I don’t think the boss is an asshole, but as I develop, I notice that the authorities don’t like it because I start to express my opinion, which sometimes does not coincide with the opinion of the bosses. – Hideous62 Oct 19 '19 at 13:42
  • Gleaming Guanaco, about"they are around us," the old joke reminded me of"There is some kind of asshole coming on the counter - No, there are a lot of them" – Angry97 Oct 19 '19 at 13:52

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1) If the question is about IT, then many IT professionals have a very high HR.Sometimes it is justified, sometimes not.It is necessary to determine which of you and your boss have a conceit higher than the level of real significance.
2) There should be disagreement: if the opinions of the boss and the executor are the same, then it is very easy to imagine that they are both wrong.The arguments of different points of view are revealed in the dispute, without which there is no better option.
3)"Tolerate a dumb boss" is one of the necessary soft skills, and personal professional development gradually reduces the need to develop this particular skill
I'm the boss, you're a fool

The problem statement is too general.The decision depends on how this principle works.Moreover, it doesn’t even sound.It would be more logical if I’m smart, you are a fool or I’m a boss and you are a subordinate and I must follow orders .

I suspect that your problem boils down to"I'm right, and you are not, but I'm the boss, so the last word is mine anyway." It sounds more than logical.If you add “I pay you bigmoney”, then everything comes together.The cherry on the cake may be “I became the boss, but you can’t.” Then the problem boils down to antipathy .And the solution suggests itself - to become the boss himself, to have the necessary hard and soft skills, to persuade the investor to invest in your project - and now, you are cooler than anyone whom you considered not worthy of the title of boss.

But think well, what is the reason for this behavior of the boss.The fact is that there is a popular cognitive distortion, which explains success cases with personal qualities, and failure cases with circumstances.Moreover, in case of failure of the boss, it’s you will be these circumstances.This is an absolutely healthy cognitive distortion that we have due to evolution, which allows us to maintain self-esteem.Of course, it’s not very honest to assert ourselves at the expense of others, but the trick is that a person believes that he is right, i.e., in essence thinks what is being done honestly.The problem is compounded by the fact that emotional tension works as a coefficient that increases distortion.It is funny that subordinates with unstable self-esteem have exactly the same distortion, which makes them think that they are right, and the boss is a goat.Therefore, you need to look comprehensively: namely, is it possible to reach out to the boss by bringing his arguments in his favor and listening to his arguments.The recipe here is difficult to bring because many factors influence the decision.For example, the boss, or rather the business overall mo There can be no time for disputes, so a quick and not the most effective decision is made.

This distortion is broken among depressed people, and therefore they tend to blame themselves for what they suffer from.If you are such a person, then your opinion can be considered a little more objective, but you will have to keep it with such a boss.You now know that such a flaw in other people in the form of distortion is normal, so you just have to reckon with this.

However, there are different situations.If you are literally humiliating or you feel a certain threat, it is better not to deal with such a boss and leave such work for another, more comfortable and happier one.
There are 2 options.
1.They are not really fools.Or so they are not really fools.
No offense, but in this case, you can be a"fool"=not right.
It’s just that we are so arranged that we don’t notice for ourselves - who will doubt their own rightness.
2.They are actually “fools.” In quotation marks because they may also have a boss and your boss believes that he is wrong, but he is forced to hold his opinions subordinate and he will not tell you directly about it, because subordination .

To argue is definitely not.
At best, he will politely listen and say, “do as I said.”
The main thing is to have proof(letter, order) that you are doing exactly what the boss said.So that if something happens he doesn’t change his shoes later -"you misunderstood me"

As for whether to work under the guidance of such people, there are many aspects, for example, psycho-comfort, recently settled down and not to look like a flyer, mat.Good(sn), prospects, etc.

Desire to think - so think in parallel"to the table""to oneself."
"Everything is decided by the authorities" - this is 99.9999%.This is the norm.
Hi, life is a choice, everyone chooses what to do, asking a similar question, you shift the responsibility for your life to others, you want to decide for you whether you should work with such a boss or not.I think your boss is not just a boss, but a man who knows how to take responsibility, otherwise he would not occupy his position.

If you see that the boss believes that he is smarter than you, then you can say the opposite, you think that you are smarter than the bosses, then you need to listen to both sides of you and your boss.
  • Again, I did not say that I am smarter than the boss! And where did you get the idea that I shift responsibility to the community? I just wanted to hear the opinions of others, then to put everything together and decide for myself. – Hideous62 Oct 19 '19 at 14:05
Lol, if you're so smart, why not in their place?
Maybe the situation is just the opposite?
You have no idea about management, how can you evaluate the correctness of the work of superiors?
  • And here is smart or not smart? Do you think that a smart person is, by definition, a boss?
    Not all bosses achieve their position with the mind! Some just incubate him, some have the right connections.I know a lot of smart people who are not bosses!

    Did I write somewhere that I consider myself smarter than the boss? Or are you someone’s boss and you think that the boss is ALWAYS right?

    You have no idea about management

    This is a very categorical remark, you do not know me, and you cannot know what I have a clue about, and what I have no clue about!
    – Hideous62 Oct 19 '19 at 14:03
  • [[Boris19]], yes, it’s not possible to achieve anything with money and for such an honest, decent person like you.
    I sometimes meet such people and carefully, thoroughly clean them from my surroundings.
    – Annoying Antelope Oct 19 '19 at 14:38
  • Well, it looks like you are one of those who do not hear or understand anyone except themselves.

    I wrote
    , you answer me
    yes, yes, all for money and for money ..
    – Hideous62 Oct 19 '19 at 14:51
If you don’t respect the boss, you definitely shouldn’t work with him.Your attitude towards him will still go out of your ears, even if you try to restrain yourself and in return you will receive the same thing.

Work for yourself or for those people whom you sincerely respect - then there will be no problems, because when you respect a person, you find the correct wording in any disputed situation.
If you pay a million, then you can work.
The solution to the problem is extremely simple: If you can easily change the workplace to conditions that are at least not worse, then you can’t tolerate the boss you don’t like.If you can’t, bear it.