The manager processes all requests through Viber.At the same time, it does not save or add contacts to the contact book.
All correspondence is stored in Viber, but cannot be unloaded, you must save each manually!
Is it possible to do this all automatically?

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After all, there is a vibe both for con and for android and the web ..
And the history of correspondence of vibes in Windows and Andrew will be synchronized even on 2-10 PCs and smarts ..
If in the vibe under the windows it doesn’t work, then take the SIM card to stick on another android and there auto add smart memory to the memory...
Or in the vibe on Windows, stir up the software or manually search in the logs on the screw and then get the csv from the file and drive it at least wherever you want ..

In general, of course, you need a special client database expanded for windows, for example - at least xls and then synchronize it with at least the incoming Android...