Is there a program for recording the sequence of actions?
Need a program that will help track actions.
I am designing pages for the DF-30 hammer site, the sequence of actions
✅ 1 - Create a Title
  ✅ а - text size 16
  ✅б - color black
  ✅в - Arial Font
❌2 - Create Description Description
❌3 - Add Text
❌4 - Insert Pictures
   а - PNG image format
   b - size 500 * 600
   in - avoid black pictures

I have to do a lot of monotonous work and in order not to forget some kind of software is needed.It is important that when adding a new task, this task also appeared on the previous pages.That is, I added the item"Insert advertisement" and this item will be in other tasks for other pages ..

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Task manager with task templates?
looked at MS TuDu, Tuduist, Asana, Trello, OneNote - they kind of can't do that.
Quip and Notion take a look, maybe you can create template tasks there.
But that it was possible to throw subtask to all template task on the fly, I haven’t seen such a thing even before.

Update: this is where the video looks like what you are looking for: