I wanted to clarify how it works.

For example, I have an idea to create one online product and put it on Git and make it publicly available.The essence of the project is such that everyone can download, install this system on their hosting and use it for themselves and their colleagues - some internal accounting and interaction like crm will be kept inside it - it doesn’t matter.

The question is - if sooner or later a sufficient amount of functionality appears in the project, which may be interesting for practical use, how should it work? People will pump it with git for training purposes, and some for their needs and be constantly updated from the repository or what responsibility will it be on me?

How should I arrange all this so that the product is treated as a working tool? And can there be any bright future for such self-written projects?
Well, does the presence of such a project greatly affect the more loyal attitude of a potential employer when applying for a job or is the game generally not worth the candle?

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1.Your code on a gita is your portfolio.
2.Employers are more often invited to interview those who have something to show.
3.In terms of design - make out as required by the rules of the gita.(This will absolutely not affect the attitude to the product as a working tool).
4.After someone wants to finalize(or get advice) your project for your needs not on their own - they will first contact you(as an author).
5.Wiki - do not forget to arrange as installation documentation, etc.
6.Read here about all the features of the gith: https://github.com/features