There is a possibility? For letters to come through Yandex mail

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You can probably configure the mail collector on Yandex to take mail from the domain outlook...
I don’t know how to Yandex, but I’ve been especially “gifted” twisted to the mail.But keep in mind that at least the mail client spoofs the sender’s address and this can create problems with Antipam systems.
Use Yandex mail for the domain
And on exchange, remove mail with the Yandex pop3 connector.Create one and all mail for the domain put in this box and remove pop3 from this mailbox, and the connector itself will be sent to exhnge and it will be distributed to the necessary mailboxes.
In a similar situation, we use

We used Yandex mail for a domain like this before.Only after Yandex decided to score on the ability to delete a message after removing it by pop3, the mailbox began to clog.And we had to leave it.
Yandex has a function of screwing the mailbox.Inbox will come and will be able to send letters on behalf of this mail.Collecting mail from another mailbox is called