It somehow happened by chance that my teacher gently pushes me to study real-time operating systems.Since I am an extramural student, I will have to study the question myself, and therefore I am free to choose the literature and, in fact, the OS itself - they will ask me the result, not the process.And the result, something tells me, will be at least a course.

Surely there are a couple of professionals in this industry among the numerous Habr specialists.I ask them to advise me on elementary and intermediate level literature on architecture, and at the same time on a subject operating system, for study, open and free, without a Hindu code, preferably Unix-like, preferably with a tough one real time, and such, knowledge of which may be useful subsequently in professional activities.Thanks in advance.

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QNX without options.
  • Although many will be surprised, Windows CE was also real-time, but now it is hopelessly outdated.
    Literature is more complicated, because first you need an understanding of * nix in general and microkernel architectures, and then specifics.You didn’t specify your current level of preparation in the question.
    – Mushy Markhor Jan 18 '13 at 00:42