How to learn as quickly as possible and not waste time in vain?

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Organize a list of goals for a month and/or a week, for goals, create a plan for achieving the goal step-by-step.Divide the steps into days, for example, or the time that is optimal for the step to the goal.
  • Good advice, but in any undertaking I have, even if I like it, there is always the thought: “I do something wrong, I presented it differently and because of this I break down and postpone the dates” how to deal with it? – Android33 Sep 13 '19 at 00:42
- Clear plan
- Theory 30% Practice 70%
- A clear understanding of “WHY?”
- Self-discipline
- Stop crap, because the brain is very affected
  • Alcohol in certain quantities favorably affects the brain.Yes, and in general, everything is very individual. – Stupendous Train Sep 13 '19 at 01:04
  • You mean that alcohol positively affects the brain, right? Or give evidence to the contrary – Yawning Yacare Sep 13 '19 at 01:28
  • [[kshnkvn]], let's only without these"Balman's peaks." Alcohol is a depressant and has a detrimental effect on the brain(and not only on the brain). – Horrifying Theme Sep 13 '19 at 01:29
  • [[miraage]], is there evidence or was this your mother and grandmother told you? – Yawning Yacare Sep 13 '19 at 01:47
Leave the Toaster and study.Here you are wasting your time!
You need to understand: how to get the"star" quietly going down the virtual ladder of the necessary actions with minimal labor, considering each step.
And already get it - quickly climbing up the MOST OPTIMAL(stairs out of the mass of possible).

That is, understand: why do you teach this and what do you need to fully understand the material/direction being studied(and learn only what is necessary to achieve the goal!).