By default, it’s already set up for me, but it looks a little crooked.
I’ve already devoted a whole day to the issue of configuring Powerline Shell after installation.I did not find Russian-language articles, a lot of material in English about the configuration before installation.And I would not want to reinstall it in and bash.rc I have a lot of useful things.When I tried parse line by line - also did not find the line that is responsible for this:
The picture shows that there is a curve in the pixel below.Can I fix this somehow? Or just configuration and installation already configured? If so, where can I find out more?

I decided it might make sense to look at/usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion, and there are 2000 lines of unreadability...

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hmm...does this interfere with your scripts?
I would score, not critical.
  • A familiar perfectionist.It doesn’t stop working with scripts, but I’m tired of curvature, a little bit of everything.I’m slowly correcting it.But sometimes I can’t find the material in Russian at all.So before a very deep study of this....I decided to ask here, probably someone already worked with powerline.

    I would gladly change the last character to any other, but I cannot find where to replace it! There, after all, there are signs(usr  ~ и) and they are definitely written somewhere, otherwise how does he understand what should he get here?
    – Mysterious Lego Aug 18 '19 at 00:21