The bottom line is that in the scene of the Godot engine the lighting sources are arranged, the material of the objects is set to pixel-by-pixel lighting.In the desktop version, everything is displayed as it should, with normalmaps, speculars, shadows, etc.
But if I overtake the project into a smartphone, it was as if the scalp was removed.There is a maximum vertex lighting, even no shadow mapping.Well, that is, the graphics get worse than the first quake.What kind of graphics is worse than the first shock system.
I tried to click gles 2 and 3, to no purpose.
How to fix?

Smartphone Siaomi Redmi Note 4.
Android Version 6.0
I also tried to install it on an older fly iq4403, there when installing the general syntax error of the package.
And on the emulator swears on ADB, they say, check the path to adb, but the path is spelled out clearly, without the Cyrillic alphabet.In general, infuriates !!!

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Try replacing per-pixel with per-vertex.

P.S.It would not be out of place to indicate the model of the smartphone and the version of Android in the question.
  • But in this case, the desktop version as well will be just as miserable.
    Or is it somehow magically inverted?
    – Low69 Aug 17 '19 at 00:47