Good day.
Who can tell how to create an animation tied to the movement of the mouse in the form of a drop?
This is about an image, it is necessary that when the user leads the mouse in the area of ​​this section(not a block), this figure(image stroke) smoothly flows like a drop and changes its

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Found the answer.For example, this was what was needed.How do you make an svg element animation so that the shape of the “scones” changes randomly?
Morphing is usually smooth between fixed/drawn states.

In the picture in this question, the “cloud” is drawn consisting of regular circles superimposed on each other.You can make the generated animation based on random numbers so that the form almost never repeats.

  • Thanks for the answer.Can you give an example of what you are talking about? – Spectral Zamboni Jul 11 '19 at 06:47
  • Spectral Zamboni, sketched an example.Here only the size and coordinates are floating relative to the original ones.It is interesting to shift the circles relative to the common center, as if on levers, slightly varying the radius and rotation of each “lever”. – Vivacious Vendace Jul 11 '19 at 10:04
  • Vivacious Vendace, Thank you very much.Example is useful. – Spectral Zamboni Jul 11 '19 at 10:18