He worked through firefox and everything in it was adequate in the mobile modes of the inspector.But looking at the mobile turned out to be all crooked.But the Chromovsky inspector gave the correct picture, as it actually is.After it was not logical to understand what the problem was according to the layout rules, then by removing all the svg, everything began to be displayed adequately.
The cap and header are stretched using absolute positioning and contain a border.So you can see that the element is not stretched more than necessary, however, after removing svg, the problem goes away.Moreover, the body wrote overflow: hidden and nevertheless the screen is larger than scroll bars appear and appear.A mobile tag is also attached to the header.
The inspector also does not show the external margin, padding if you hover the dom structure with the mouse.

Media breakpoints: Ipad, Iphone X under which with the inspector to watch.

P.S For a long time there was no such thing so that he didn’t understand what the problem in the layout was for so long, save :)

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