The question is essentially such a
there is a working site
management wants to try its strength and to the main site to open an Internet shop with a partner(narrow sphere)
The question is which address is better to use? : or
thank you.

PS It is unlikely that in time the store will reach the power of profit more than the main services site - but still, with the aim of further progress, what to do? The main site is already 10 years old, TIC is small but the content is quality

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Placing in a subdomain is much easier than subdirectories.Especially since a decent host has always been given several free subdomains.
There are engines that in the subdirectory become only after dancing with a tambourine
Yes, I myself am a hoster so there are no problems at all :).I asked in terms of CEO and TP optimization.But this later.
PS there is in mind a free engine without special glitches and which break a little? I’m still inclined to
I had a really sad experience with it - some kind of network worm broke these stores for two times(I wrote something in the .htaccess file) for a long time, I don’t remember all the nuances