Why root? Not"admin"? Not"system"? Not"super"? Interested in the history of the name.Who, when and why?

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unix system
Root - root, source, reason, first user in the tree structure.
  • first user in the tree structure

    ...only the user structure is never a tree.
    – Ninja15 Jul 19 '19 at 22:46
  • [[jcmvbkbc]], The structure of the processes is tree-like, from the root of the kernel, which is launched from the user with the identifier 0. – Gifted Grebe Jul 20 '19 at 00:49
  • Process Structure - Tree

    [[saboteur_kiev]], the structure of users relates in no way to the structure of processes.

    from the root - core

    Depends on what is considered a process.
    – Ninja15 Jul 20 '19 at 01:33
  • [[jcmvbkbc]], process id 1, init or systemd.
    pstree to help
    – Gifted Grebe Jul 20 '19 at 11:32
  • process with id 1, init or systemd.

    [[saboteur_kiev]], ok, I will answer in the same vein: /sbin/hotplug.Understand as you like.
    – Ninja15 Jul 20 '19 at 21:20
  • [[jcmvbkbc]], and how does autodetection of devices relate to processes?
    There is a child and parent processes - a simple and clear scheme.A process cannot have more than one parent process, although there may be many child processes.
    For a process with PID 1, the parent is itself, that is, it is the root process, and started from the user with the identifier 0, that is, the root user.

    A hotplag - generally from another opera.
    – Gifted Grebe Jul 21 '19 at 00:33
  • A hotplag is generally from another opera.

    [[saboteur_kiev]], and you ask how it starts and who its parent is.
    – Ninja15 Jul 21 '19 at 02:15
  • The process with PID 1 is the parent itself

    [[saboteur_kiev]], and here, too, by:

    4 0 1 0 20 0 205080 5560 - Ss? 4:11/lib/systemd/systemd --system --deserialize 22
    – Ninja15 Jul 21 '19 at 02:17
just a name.The same name as Aurora Moscow Egypt Earth....
when it was introduced then it became rooted in culture.
in Windows it is the Administrator.
Option two.
1) The file system is tree-like, starts from the root, and only the superuser has rights to everything.It looks like very old Unixes, the superuser did not even have a separate home folder - the root was used.

2) The process tree begins with the system kernel(init process), which is started from the superuser(root), which has access to all processes.