Hi.I decided to deploy my apishka locally - I made a server from a laptop.
I deployed the API, installed Mongu on the same computer and it all worked - hurray!
Connect as follows: mongodb://localhost: 27017/root

I want to connect to a monge from another computer on the same network, but the connection falls off by timeout.
mongodb:// 27017/root

I sort of allowed all IPs on the side of the monga, opened ports 27017 on both computers on the input and output, but it does not connect :(

What you need to check in this case?

Just a couple of questions
1) My computer will be visible from the network, will anyone else be able to connect to Mong? since I did not set the login, password,
2) I want to make DEV and PROD how to split Mongu? Do different database or something else?

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screen wrong
need nmap + telnet

1) like Monga has already become sculpt login pass on the gateway, no?
2) https://docs.mongodb.com/v3.4/core/master-slave/
  • Download programs and show traffic? I just never used them, only fiddler :) – Fancy25 Jul 7 '19 at 12:22
  • port either accepts connections or does not accept

    can you tcpview and other nirsoft scripts to the cracker

    but I think, as in a muscle, a fairly correct config of Mongi + disabled firewall
    Windows defender and other explicit and obscure shnyaga
    – All-Star Jetski Jul 7 '19 at 12:24
By default, the monga works on is, you need to specify host or the one you want in the configuration.