Good afternoon, I am looking for some means with which you can raise a service/server for organizing web calendars on the Internet(Intranet)
We need some kind of corporate solution, that is, to be able to integrate with Active Directory, delineation of rights, etc.

In other words, any user could log in and create calendar entries for himself, as well as create certain meetings indicating participants, and integrate with other services and display their information in the calendar

Is there any solution?

Intranet without Internet access

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It all depends on the size of the company.What fits small may not be enough for large ones.For large zimbra, for small zarafa and a bunch of others.Turn on the Internet.However, calendars usually do not work separately, because they are still tied to mail, a directory and other means.
zimbra, zarafa, horde, SoGo.True, these are not all separate calendar servers, but Groupware servers — mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes — Exchange for linux and not only...