Good day! tell me how to fix the problem

MySQL error in file: /engine/init.php at line 305
Error Number: 1146
The Error returned was:
Table'filmezz.dle_post'doesn't exist
SQL query:

SELECT category, COUNT(*) AS count FROM dle_post WHERE approve=1 AND date<'2018-03-28 07: 42: 27'GROUP BY category
  • Here is the table itself, it has not been deleted – Vegetarian Penguin Mar 28 '18 at 07:52
  • Authorization in admin works? – Rock 'n' Mar 28 '18 at 07:54
  • Vegetarian Penguin for answers to answers there are comments under the answer. – Bionic Fantasy Mar 28 '18 at 07:57
  • Rock'n', In general, it does not go anywhere) gives an error, even the page does not display – Vegetarian Penguin Mar 28 '18 at 08:12
  • Vegetarian Penguin, then you just need to check the login password and name from the database in dbconfig – Rock 'n' Mar 28 '18 at 08:15

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Make a backup copy of the existing database and restore it from another copy, the dle_post table disappeared at least and maybe something else may not be available