There is an offline store with distribution centers in the city.And there is a webmaster who was commissioned to make an online store and do SMM.The question is: How to calculate your reward? The client can come to the site, view the goods there and go to the trading floor, there is everything to pay.In this case, the webmaster will not pay commissions.

In this case, advise how to come up with? For the time being, it begs me to make cumulative discounts on the site.For each customer who places an order through the site to accumulate discounts, which he can exchange for the goods over time.

What size to come up with these cumulative discounts.Or how else can you motivate a client to make and pay for an order from the site?
  • There are no general rules - it all depends on the range. – Disney's88 Apr 19 '19 at 16:52

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Make the price on the site a little less))) then you will definitely not get rid of where the buyer came from