You need to open IP for working with PayPal as a business account, performing development activities.Cashless.I’m worried about questions:

1.Is it necessary to use an online cash desk?
2.What online checkout should I use?
3.How to minimize the cost of it?

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start with tax inquiry
In general, if the payment under the contract and all that - you can get out

https://its.1c.ru/db/answers#content:3269: hdoc

if you really want to be calm - https://rocketr.ru/ then choose from the list
1) Yes, if you accept payments from FL
2) Depending on the number of types of services(they need to be beaten by name, if they are typical), see Mercury 115F or its analogs in this price category.If something more serious is needed then Atol 92F.In case of need to integrate CCP with the site, then this in 90% of cases, rent(OrangeData, Starrys.su, kassio.online, etc.)
3) If we consider the autonomy, then take Mercury, a new one about 5000, used can be found from 1500, plus FN 15/36 months.Your type of activity allows you to use any.If you need something more serious and with integration, then better rent .
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    It turns out I will accept payments on PayPal and will have to process them through an online cash desk.Oh, how expensive and complicated.For start-up businesses, it is very expensive
    – Full Metal Apr 30 '19 at 05:02
  • Yes, and keep in mind that you have limited time to break through a check in CCV. – Inbred19 Apr 30 '19 at 11:03
And from whom are you going to accept payments via paypal? Foreign customers?

Paypal for IP/LLC from the Russian Federation permits to accept payments only from individuals, payments from business akkov will not allow to hold, it is possible to individuals from all.

You will lose a lot of commissions:
3.9% standard fee + 1-2% additional cross-border payment fee + 4-5% if you accept payments in foreign currency, you will lose on its conversion into rubles

If there is another option to accept payments, then it is better to use it - the same peyoner.

Cashier is not needed only if payments come from legal entities by bank transfer, in other cases they are always needed
(there are a number of businesses with a delay)

Cashier + FN for 36 months=15390 rubles https://kassopttorg.ru/catalog/kkm/atol_91f_cherny...
CRF for 36 months=1999 rub https://e-ofd.ru/

Checks can be simply pushed through manually if there is little sales.Enter your email/phone at the box office and it is sent to the buyer