Where can I create a mailbox that allows you to have as many names as you like, so that you can log into it and, if necessary, reply to emails from the same address they came to.

For example, gmail allows for an address [email protected] with a plus sign like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] then it is easy to block them when the need disappears.It is also interesting to see which resource sells emails to spammers.The problem is that all email gatherers have learned this plus sign and what they cut out between him and the dog, and he still doesn’t get through in some validators .

10minutemail and others do not allow you to reply and store emails permanently.

What are the alternatives?

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Own domain and as many emails as you like.And if you also have your own mail server, then it’s like a god.
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  • [[Londoner]], there is nothing.Contact... – Gifted9 Jan 28 '19 at 08:19
Mail.ru has an anonymizer anonymizer.