Translate to lower case - this is understandable.Everywhere it will mean the same thing.

What about dots and hyphens? It seems there are even pluses in the boxes...
Ie how can the same address be called?
Here's a Google somewhere where the dot is written is ignored...that is, I understand it
<[email protected] == [email protected]
Does [email protected] equal [email protected]?
And in Yandex they write"by registering the login ivan.petrov, you will receive mail sent to [email protected] and [email protected]" - but nothing is said about whether these mails are equal to [email protected]? Or can it be completely different people?
But these are only two postal services...and what about the others? are the rules the same for all or are they all different?

Ideally, of course, it would be easy to simply remove points, dashes, pluses from the mail, lead to lower case and compare...but will there be a mistake in this? Maybe in some mail service address with a dot and without it are different addresses?

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Interpretation of the local part of the postal address depends entirely on the server.It is not stipulated by any standards.Depending on the settings, the points in the local part of the address can either be ignored or used, it can be case-sensitive or not.
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Plus and a percent symbol, as far as I remember, they have some special purpose in the addresses, they cannot be deleted.As for points, dashes and other exotics, this is entirely on the server.ivanpetrov is one and the same person, and if the check is on its own password database, then it will suddenly happen to be three different people.
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