There is a corporate network.A PC in the domain, everything works.
It is necessary to back up documents"just in case" from each PC(i.e., to the director in the safe).
Tell me, in what ways is it better to do?(So that without running around and in general it is better not to disturb the user).
Ideas like this come to mind: Create[somehow] a task in the scheduler and deploy through group policy.Or use[some] software that can automatically deploy over the network and pick up settings(which folders and where to copy).
For the future, I plan to make REMAP desktop folders and documents somewhere on the server in a folder.And while you need to get out.

Oh yes, it is advisable not to put the network multi-threaded copying, so special thanks for the advice/decision where you can steer by time or speed

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veeam look
  • Cool, but it's just some kind of monster :)
    Are there analogues easier?
    – Drunken2 Jun 7 '19 at 15:54
[[chifth]] You can use backup utilities
  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows FREE - for example

Or banal syncthing - allows you to synchronize files between PCs.
Or you can take the next(own) cloud with its agents and synchronization to phones and other devices.
And still there is Google Drive and its analogues.

Choose, I do not want called.
Allway sync Pro is the ideal solution.It only copies what has been changed.The rules are configured flexibly.But, it does not support any group policies.You have to set it up with your hands.
again you forget about scripts.
Ready solutions are paid.
Author.On the controller, write a script that will take a remote folder, say this: \\ \ c $\ Users \ Bob \ Desktop
or any other folder and copy it wherever you want.For example, husband rsync, say on NAS: \\ nas \ backup \ host-Vasya
You write a batch file and start on the controller on behalf of the domain administrator.
At the appointed time, you will start copying.If there are not many computers, then in turn, if there are many, it is possible at the same time, say at night.
Cheap(free) and angry, as well as the brain will not turn sour :)
Exiland Backup Professional, being installed on one PC(Windows server for example), allows you to take files from multiple PCs(copy from different machines), connecting to network drives under a given account(login, password).Well or through the administrative ball C $, D $if allowed.
here description.
via powershell to backup the necessary data by type \\\ $\ or PowerShell WinRM
you can still use Home folder, Roaming profile, etc.
It is best to store data centrally and backup them centrally.