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That started the first departures ports from statics! :) And it became interesting to me, but how many methods to protect our"copper" perekidok? Share your experience: who protects how?) The availability of links, pictures and photos is welcome!
  • In our office there are several overhead lines of the local network between the buildings, which were installed with shielded cable about 8 years ago, the screens are grounded.all past us).
    And recently, on the same cable-carrying security office, invited from outside(like professionals), hung up not shielded video surveillance system cables.Let's see how long they will live...
    – Apathetic Skate May 11 '19 at 22:17

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Copper replacement for glass.
Protection options for electrical connectors are thought out and calculated for a long time - choose any and apply.
There are of course lightning protection modules, but optics are more reliable.
I exploited the telephone network completely on copper, scattered over a huge area of ​​the carpool.The entire station part was protected by all the rules.And the active and coal dischargers threatened the defense.Like thunder and lightning, something constantly flew out. If the iron is rare, then every year it becomes both harder and more expensive to restore the network after such accidents.As mentioned above, it is easier and cheaper to invest in optics on large spans.On small networks it remains only to endure and keep zip.