There was a question at the enterprise about the re-equipment of the PC park.There appeared thoughts of introducing thin clients to the company, which gave rise to a whole bunch of different questions.
1.Since each user’s software is different, someone needs AutoCAD, someone needs 1C, someone needs specific software for equipment maintenance.And everyone needs microsoft office, and it’s all to run on Win10.Is it realistic to organize this on thin clients? ?
2.What pitfalls await us?
3.Is it possible to drive each user into AD?
4.Will this not be all stupid in a 100Mb network?

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Not worth bothering.
Users to put the most common computers.
You have a lot of software, including a specific one.And everything is for one server.The server crashes and the entire enterprise will rise.In this case.Why the thin client was written above.

What about developers - if you suddenly work with ports(protocols) or hardware, then which clients are we talking about? Even virtualization does not cope.There we are already talking about windows xp, not to mention the hardware.

And so typical desires.
Nout - power is small.The screen is small.Or everything is ok - but the price is high.Not rational.

Nettop(small 20x20 cm).And here I would say that all of the above.But this is not important.Even you can find options, but cooling.In all models it is bad.And there is no place for normal.I declare as a user of these models.
Total, even if the percent pulls - there is no embedded video on it.On applications dependent on graphics, there will be overheating and crazy turns of the cooler with a typical sound.

Monoblock.Relative miniature - increased price.Complicated repair as you need to look for components.Average power.

Total optimally normal comp.Deshevo, productive.With a smart selection of components you can easily find a replacement.Without problems.Supports everything.
Actually.But I would regret it if possible.The local workstation is always better.
1) look at the budget laptop - they are equivalent in terms of memory/memory, 10k will work
2) for example, the impossibility of increasing more than 4 GB of memory in the board, but it still wants to
3) really, especially with a pistol and a good word(joke)
4) Mikrotik on GBIT already inexpensive, cards and I do not remember when they insert non-gigabit
autocad through the terminal is a bad job;specific software - you first need to check how it will work;office - no problem;win10 - no, the terminal server is a windows server, not a dozen.
  • The
    terminal server is a windows server, not a dozen.

    Using ViTerminal without Windows Server
    – Light Lion Apr 7 '19 at 13:30
  • [[abmanimenja]], and with the help of winxp it is possible without win10.
    it's a matter of convenience.it’s convenient for a person to have a perspective, albeit a ghostly one, deadline for the Criminal Code, shadow copying, the absence of a file server role and occasionally flying away from viterminal updates - yes for goodness...
    – Tense Thrush Apr 7 '19 at 16:57
  • it’s a matter of convenience.it’s convenient for a person to have a perspective, albeit a ghostly one, deadline for the Criminal Code, shadow copying, lack of a file server role and occasionally flying away from viterminal updates - for God's sake...

    You forgot about the huge difference in price - the price of the prospects is far from a penny.
    Shadow copying is used less often than more often.
    Periodically flashing from updates - do not conduct updates in the middle of the working day.Test after the update.
    The absence of the client-server role - what is the problem?
    – Light Lion Apr 7 '19 at 17:00
  • [[abmanimenja]], well, I don’t know.For me, the choice in the situation “the way the employer pays less and I, if anything, receive a suspended sentence” is quite simple and unambiguous - understand without me. someone like me.I use it almost always rather than less often.
    accepted, generally true.
    file server.I’m talking about it, there are a couple of things that are useful to me, like categorization, and sometimes reports helped.
    – Tense Thrush Apr 7 '19 at 17:11
  • [[fzfx]],
    and I, if anything, will get a suspended sentence

    I don’t offer ViTerminal and Windows 10 for it, but I’ll buy licenses for them.

    And what have you got to do with it:
    The head of the enterprise is responsible for everything.

    Only if you put a deliberately unlicensed.
    – Light Lion Apr 7 '19 at 17:23
Thin clients for 1c operators, sales managers, and others.And design engineers need workstations.
3.Is it possible for every user to be driven into AD?
A considerable number of people will be surprised - “what’s different?”
But the company for a dozen computers - and can not be...

All actions should have some kind of meaningful goal.Just to drive into AD like this - probably really doesn’t make sense. Terminals - again - it's not for nothing because they wanted...and this does not save money...
  1. It depends on the software that not everything works fine in the terminal - for example, you can forget about Photoshop and AutoCAD.
  2. A zoo is waiting for you on the terminal server.If you are going to do a terminal server, do not set up a zoo there.1, Word, Excel, and there are no auto-downloads, and all the more specific testing software.
  3. Of course.
  4. If you have less than 50 users, then the network clearly will not rest.
Thin client is thin because it works with a terminal server.
Not alone.

0) You cannot use a thin client with a non-server OS.Not Windows 10, and you will have Windows Server.There are special methods like ViTerminal, through it you can turn non-server Windows into server ones.

1) You can install the software you need on the server(if only this software can work correctly on the terminal server and its license allows it).From the above doubts only with AutoCAD, you need to check here(and you don’t even need to buy a thin client use the thin client software on a regular computer - WtWare, WtPro;and then buy 1 piece of the “iron” thin client and repeat the check).And Office and 1C - no problem.

3) AD will be only for the user(that is, only for the terminal server), not for the thin client.This is a regular situation.

4) It depends on the number of thin clients.You can check experimentally(and you don’t even need to buy a thin client - you only need to use thin client software on a regular computer - WtWare, WtPro), adding and adding one under one.How to stop arranging - leave the rest on ordinary ones computers.
In general, thin clients are not only a terminal.There is also a VDI including 3D acceleration for AutoCad and the like.But you need to understand what goals you want to achieve.If the main thing is to save, then most likely the TC with the terminal will be much more expensive.you ask if you have enough 100Mbps of network and whether you can drive everyone into AD, then it’s clear that you have a small company of 10-100 people.In your case, you don’t need to bother with that.At most, you can put accountants on the TK and the terminal to increase security.
IMHO for me:
Thin clients are only for office plankton - bukh, storekeepers, salespeople, secretaries, lawyers, masters, etc.In general, those who have an extremely narrow list of tasks - mainly data in the yellowtop, Excel and the like.
In the technical department, only full-fledged system managers - you can’t configure the terminal so that it digests AutoCAD standards, especially in 3d and gives it to the user - if they lack performance in Kadam, they are clustering, not the terminal.
On the automated workplace of the equipment, again, either a full-fledged system engineer or a barebone - there is no other way - the terminal sucks working with usb printers, but to make friends with the machine is still universal crap and you don’t need to do that.
Make a park of virtual machines
each user will pull up his virtual machine by domain name
as a clint piece of iron, we use Fuzids PCoIP
in virtualka vin10 and everyone has their own software
can be 1s through the RSD to the extreme
I will not tell you about the network speed
  • Make a park of virtual machines
    each user will pull up his virtual machine by domain name

    – Mexican11 Apr 11 '19 at 07:06
  • [[B1ackGh0st]], VMware on it as you need virtualas you deploy with 10koy each can bind a domain name
    Through Fueids when the client enters the login, the password sees only his virtual machine and starts and works quietly and the software builds for himself
    – Hip-Hop49 Apr 11 '19 at 07:22
The main question you should ask yourself why?
You can do almost anything, but for this there must be a very specific measurable goal, the achievement of which can be checked.
Using terminals or VDI(if we are talking about custom OS) has both a number of advantages and a number of drawbacks, which can only be assessed with respect to the final goal, and not just as a spherical horse in a vacuum.
One thing can be said almost exactly, with mass use within the standard working day it will not be cheaper.