I need to manage 20 TB every week.How is it as safe as possible, as the data is important and more economical to do it? And of course, that I would not flood this 20 TB per month

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You should start with the fact that you need to put them there, to where there is a channel of at least about 300 Mbit/s(if I was not mistaken in the calculations), so that these 20 TB are flooded in a week(because after this time you will need to pour new data) .

Keep your backup servers - not an option?
  • Well, there are places with gigabit channels, but my channel is sad.I have servers for backups :) We are keeping it now, but I’m in Ukraine and we have different checking foundations on the server.*(I can write a lot on the topic, but In short, there is no option at all, I will not even offer here.) – Excited Emu Jul 30 '15 at 23:27
Add 20 terabytes or erase old ones and record new 20 terabytes?

In the first case, only a well-fed bank account will help you - renting a gigabit channel will cost about 25,000 ruble a month, and 20 terabytes will merge into it for about two days.(I did not consider this rent of disk space).
> In the second case, a RAID-0 of five disks of 4 terabytes will help you - for only 50,000 rubles(from consumer disks, of course).Do you want to reliably? Spit out about three million rubles for a medium-level disk shelf enterprise.
  • [[gbg]] judging by the tags the author is looking for a cheap cloud storage without thinking about technical aspects.:) – Armored71 Jul 30 '15 at 21:36
  • Well, how would be true.What is the type of Amazon.I can lift them with a bunch of disks, backup them, etc., etc.In general, I can do whatever I want.But I am looking for a simpler solution. – Excited Emu Jul 30 '15 at 23:24
In /dev/null but seriously, in your case, the easiest thing is 1 Dedicated server with a large number of disks, for example, azure allows you to connect an infinite number of disks to 1 machine.It’s important to take into account that no storage guarantees will be provided, so you need to store data in any case at least 2 copies.Tape storage will be the cheapest option for you , but the equipment is not cheap and reliability is lower than that of disks, you need to regularly check the integrity of backups.
There is another option with distributed storage of this data, but it only makes sense if you have a lot of customers who are willing to share their disk space for you.
  • And Amazon c3 is better not to take? – Excited Emu Jul 31 '15 at 10:33
  • [[Inkogn333]]: equally pleasant, I think they can organize the same thing with them.The question is about the price, and this should already be checked in fact – Pagan Bubble Jul 31 '15 at 10:45
  • [[Inkogn333]]: by the way, I forgot to tell about the first option, many DCs can rent a"shelf" on which to put your servachek and a bunch of disks, it can be cheaper, but you have to take care of the condition of the disks and other equipment – Pagan Bubble Jul 31 '15 at 10:47
Author, and how much of this volume you change? rdiff?