Can you please give me an inexpensive alternative to Dropbox.
After version 2(for Mac), the dropbox significantly slows down the operation of the computer, constantly accessing the disk even in the absence of any activity(reinstalling the program and the system did not completely help).

Actually, cloud storage is required:
- volume 200-500 GB
- good apload/download speed
- iOS application
- convenient file sharing
- preferably support versioning
- minimum resource consumption

Purpose of use:
- synchronization of work files between two computers
- backup
- fast sharing Thank you in advance!

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Yandex.Disk? Cloud Cloud Storage Selektel?
  • I don’t want to store files in Russia :) – British16 Mar 14 '14 at 07:11 there is a starting 15 gigov total
  • How about speed? – British16 Mar 14 '14 at 07:13
BTSync plus NAS under it at home, for example, where there is a fast Internet.If one car is also at home, then the connection will be direct, without any of your Internet sites.There are practically no limits on volumes.But sharing with left-handed people can be difficult - you need will install the client before uploading.
Fast, convenient, quite flexible, if previously there was enough dropbox.
Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Bitcasa, SugaSync, One Drive, Ubuntu One, Box - generally you can list for a long time.These are basic.
  • Ubuntu One is already non-residential – Graceful Gnat Sep 27 '14 at 08:59