Some installers create temporary folders not in temp, but in the root of the disk.Moreover, not only the system disk, but in some incomprehensible way.The computer has a system SSD, a terabyte file dump and a half terabyte archive disk.Archive most of the time is asleep, except in cases where some installer(and this is not about nameless handicrafts, but about serious companies such as Microsoft) will not wake this disk to create a folder there and not delete it after installation.And this is both lost time and extra noise.
Is it possible to somehow prohibit installers from writing to the root of disks in general, or prohibiting writing to a specific disk? At the time of creating the folders, the installer is already requesting privilege escalation, so UAC and policies are useless...

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primo cache can be created on the SSD buffer where the recording from the HDD will be redirected with postponing the recording, say for an hour and not write to the HDD/

but this does not help, since installers pull disks not only to write, but more to analyze the free space for selecting a disk for temporary files.That is, I suppose, the disk will still pull from the dream anyway.
  • Here I want to somehow tell them that the selected disks do not even try to pull. To not even see their installers, quite satisfied. Delays sometimes longer than the entire installation. You sit for 5-7 seconds waiting for the installer to fail, then instantly put everything on the SSD. So sad about that. – Tender86 Nov 15 '14 at 16:27
  • Tender86: they will still check which drives are in the system – Distinct Dugong Nov 15 '14 at 16:32