Good afternoon.
Please tell me what is the order of action for raising the system, if there is only a backup of the system partition(local disk C)? Backup there are no hidden partitions.
What was Windows, I do not know(presumably Windows server 2012R2), which partition style was also not know(presumably GPT).
So far, only one thing comes to mind: to raise the virtual server, with the server Windows, replace the system partition with a full backup and try to start, if you don’t manage to try to restore the boot loader.

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It was not possible to recover - I installed Windows and re-raised the programs.
I would not bring in a virtual here, I would try to get by with a real one.
1.Create a partition of a suitable size on any of the connected disks with markup in the MBR, and make it active(bootable).MBR because this markup is simpler, more understandable and more familiar to GPT, it does not require any additional hidden UEFI partitions, backup which you do not have.
2.On it, unload the contents of your backup.
3.If this was not enough to start the OS, restore the correct bootloader on this partition, using the BootICE utility or something like that.They did not restore the boot, many different ones, we’ve tried a different one.Usually they pile on popular repair LiveDVD/LiveUSB repair builds.

I use this method to get Win10 to work on the MBR(she doesn't like him regularly and requires GPT).
  • Thank you, we will try – Cthulhu's15 May 24 '19 at 10:27
  • But if it doesn’t work out according to the above scheme, then it’s not very important - we install a number of Windows using standard tools and restore everything we need from the deployed backup. – Cool Aerobics May 24 '19 at 10:32
  • I use this method to make Win10 work on the MBR(it doesn't like GPT as a standard).
    rubbish.It’s put to mbr.without problems, it’s enough to cut UEFI in BIOS
    – Twin69 May 24 '19 at 14:04
  • [[mindtester]], you tell me how it works with you, and I like me.You do it, I don't.Do you really think that I have not tried such trivial things as disabling UEFI? Of course, I tried, and on different devices, and it did not help, the installer of Windy required to change the disk layout.That's why the described dances with a tambourine.But this is only for myself, because I don’t like GPT.I put everything on GPT + UEFI disk .
    But in general it is offtopic.
    – Apathetic Skate May 24 '19 at 17:55
  • [[nehrung]], not quite oftop.This is a criticism of your answer.I’m rather aggressively handling my systems, to put it simply - I’m not rarely reinstalling.This is the first

    the second is already 5 years old as I have been flirting with Linux(and a couple of years since I stopped foul and spit)) ..and Linux prefers mbr(although gpt/efi has long been able to)

    the third is that I don’t need large-capacity disks.I don’t even have any douters.I like multibots(this is when the system is allocated, you can pick it up in physics and virtual machines)

    the subtotal - Win10 installer, even the freshest, selects gpt/efi, only when it is available in the BIOS available(I didn’t say the option of choice, I said ban)
    – Twin69 May 24 '19 at 18:02
When installing a Venda, select"restore from backup".