I can call a function by sending a request from the console post for example.Can I call it something else? Meaning from the console will appeal directly to the function of the controller?
  • why pull the controller, if you can pull a command, make a console command and all – Gleaming Guanaco Jun 14 '19 at 23:50

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if you just run something like `php -r" include'...';(new C) ->func();"`
  • Thank you.My task is to pull the controller every 3 seconds.And do you think it will be correct to do this with a post-request? – Dizzy100 Jun 14 '19 at 22:39
  • Dizzy100, if it doesn’t depend on user actions, then it should be done through kroon – Underwater29 Jun 14 '19 at 23:21
  • Underwater29, so from the crown I will not start the function either, I will not pass the parameters. – Dizzy100 Jun 14 '19 at 23:52
  • Dizzy100, if we are talking about a local project, then read about comet
    =code php>>pull the controller every 3 seconds.And what do you think, by the post-request will it do correctly?

    depends on context.if iron allows, then why not
    – Uninterested Unicorn Jun 16 '19 at 11:01