Start data:
There is a phone with android 8.1(no root)
It runs Turbo VPN.
There is a laptop with Win 10 on board.

When off, the Internet from the phone is distributed without problems.
When VPN is enabled, the laptop writes a connection without connecting to the Internet(in the network settings I tried both auto dns and google 8888, 8844.)
In the browser, he writes an error - err name not resolved.
How to make friends phone with vpn and wines 10?
Pv.variant put vpn on Windows is not considered.It works crookedly there.It takes a very long time to connect and disconnect for a long time(3-5 minutes each).You have to kill the processes with your hands or reload the laptop.
  • put vpn on Windows is not considered.It works crookedly there
    - then put VPN on Linux.It works fine there.
    – Irresistible99 Apr 14 '19 at 11:19
  • It seems like the phone becomes a gateway, respectively, you can try to register the phone's dns address.Ping the google dns, do not pass requests only to port 53, or is it not available at all? – Quaint66 Apr 18 '19 at 10:36

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Turn on VPN on Android, connect the VPN channel to the Internet distribution and everything is ready(well, or through the hosts, there are also a lot of guides on YouTube)