An interesting task appeared at work.There are instrumentation and control servers that can sometimes fail and so on.After a failure, an image is deployed and it often happens that this image lacks the necessary updates.The security service comes to check and through"Control Panel->Programs and components->Installed Updates"and compares with the list.

Therefore, the problem arose of writing an application that would collect information from servers about installed updates over a local network, and if it was not on the lists, it showed that there was no such update.

The servers are in their subnets, Internet access is limited, Active Directory is not configured, WSUS is not worth it.

Therefore, a couple of questions.

1) Can already have ready-made counterparts checking the whole thing?

2) Getting the list of updates through the command q get

does not provide all updates.Used WMI queries(Win32_QuickFixEngineering: Githb example) - gives the same as wmic.

It turns out that you can get the entire list only through WUAPI or are there any other ways?
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I think this what you need.
You can remotely connect to powershell.You can put an SSH server on Windows and connect via SSH, you will fall into powershell or cmd, depending on preferences.