I created a CLR project and put objects on the form and put it all on the panel.
I need to be able to hide the first panel and show the second, as well as do it in reverse order.
They pressed the button on the first panel, the first disappeared and the second appeared.
How to do it? What to put in the foreground, in the back?
  • CLR? Context of use is not quite clear.Perhaps you mean a project like C ++/CLI?

    You can create two UCs for each of the pages, on the main form, place the button that will be responsible for navigation - switching between them.

    UC placed in a separate panel.

    If there are only two panels, then even a separate listing of states is not necessary.
    – Unusual26 Apr 12 '19 at 00:31

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You can make the display of the desired panel through Visible=True.The rest set Visible=False.
To make it easier for dbpefkmyj to work with control panels, you can place all the panels on the form next to each other, in order, in the development process.
In this case, if necessary, display the desired panel, in addition to changing the status of Visible, it will be necessary to also change the Location panel.