Hi, I’m doing a service where I want to accept payment using cryptocurrency.
I found a couple of options, and I want the knowledgeable ones to clarify a couple of points.

I see everything like this:
There are my wallets on the site, they are like a bank.DOGE BTC LTC
A person requests a refill and they give him the address of the wallet, which he will send to the appropriate wallet + will notify api about it.I draw this figure on my balance and when I request withdrawal, I send it from my wallet.

Immediately tell me.Can there already be a system where under the main wallet, do they create underclothes and don’t need to do this?

1) Blockchain.io website is like what I need, there is a convenient payment method, it gives you a method that gives the address of the purse, to which the dumped money will be sent to my personal wallet, and the site will receive a web hook.
Everything is clear, but you need the key api which you need to request with the application, I sent the application waiting.Can I get it as soon as possible?

But what to expect go ahead.

2) I thought about making every currency through api myself, but you know, a long option.As I understood all I can do is create a wallet, give the user a refill, listen to the socket, and transfer money when entering this wallet, right?

3) CoinGate, the site is also almost what you need, it even turned out to create a payment that paid, and I received a notification for the api and I successfully drew a balance, but for the withdrawal of funds I need ID card verification, I have a paper passport :(

4) block.io
Here I do not understand, this is it or not.
This service has a limited number of wallets, and in theory, replenishment will be done to me often, how can I use 1 address for all site users?

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