Good day! I have such a nfc module that is connected to RPi 3 via Arduino UNO(uart ->usb).
In libnfc, it is defined as and should
nfc-list uses libnfc 1.7.0
NFC device: pn532_uart:/dev/ttyACM0 opened

but in a program with RFIDIOt:
Could not find PCSC daemon, try with option -n<code></code>if you don’t have a reader

The question is how to use the pn532 module with PC/SC.I tried different methods.My config(reader.conf):
FRIENDLYNAME"Arduino serial"
LIBPATH /usr/local/lib/pcsc/drivers/serial/

PC/SC log:
00000399[1996292096] readerfactory.c: 1075: RFInitializeReader() Attempting the startup of the Arduino serial 00 00 using/usr/local/lib/pcsc/drivers/serial/
00001177[1996292096] readerfactory.c: 950: RFBindFunctions() Loading IFD Handler 3.0
00000858[1996292096] ifdhandler.c: 1961: init_driver() Driver version: 1.4.30
00007351[1996292096] ifdhandler.c: 1978: init_driver() LogLevel: 0x0003
00000683[1996292096] ifdhandler.c: 1989: init_driver() DriverOptions: 0x0000
00002100[1996292096] ifdhandler.c: 110: CreateChannelByNameOrChannel() Lun: 0, device:/dev/ttyACM0
00001688[1996292096] ccid_serial.c: 837: OpenSerialByName() Set serial port baudrate to 115200 and correct configuration
02002751[1996292096] ccid_serial.c: 863: OpenSerialByName() Get firmware failed.May the reader is not connected
00000262[1996292096] ifdhandler.c: 150: CreateChannelByNameOrChannel() failed
00000059[1996292096] readerfactory.c: 1106: RFInitializeReader() Open Port 0x0 Failed(/dev/ttyACM0)

What am I doing wrong?

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I saw a similar bug with the acs122 reader(it is also on pn532), for it it was necessary to unload/disable a kernel module called pn533.Otherwise, pcscd could not work with it.Perhaps in your case, too, something similar.