For folding backups to FTP server I use Cobain Backup 11.
When creating copy jobs I tried to choose the incremental and differential, but in fact copies the entire catalog.
I did tasks on a local disk, removed compression, but in fact a full copy of the directory is being made.
  • When using archiving, the same situation?
    The first copy is always complete, it’s already finished further. It would be possible that when you save any data, the date of the folder change is updated and it takes everything, but this is pure nonsense.
    Work log or something else you can give?
    – The28 Jan 25 '19 at 14:50

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Cobian Backup is not supported by the developer, the latest version was back in 2012.

Look toward Exiland Backupas the closest analogue of cobian.

She also knows how to work with FTP, SFTP(SSH) - about this here , Supports Full backup, incremental(see here), difference and synchronize folders via FTP.

It works stably and quickly.Russian developer.Support and development from the developer also pleases judging by the history of the release of new versions.