Advise materials on how to profitably sell yourself in the freelancing market, how to communicate with the customer, etc.

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Philip Kotler, Marketing Management.It is better to read if you are already engaged in freelancing and agree with the statement that freelancing is a mini-business.
  • Thanks for the answer, but marketing is not exactly what I wanted to know. Correct - negotiations. The question has changed – Clever56 Jun 5 '14 at 08:38
  • Clever56 here you want to sell yourself. Profitable. You need to determine the price of your services, make a portfolio, analyze your competitors and bypass them, taking the buyer to yourself. This is all about marketing. Negotiations you also need. It’s just that you don’t have to divide everything so when working for yourself: you need to be able to program and know the price right away and be able to communicate with customers. – Prehistoric Afro Jun 5 '14 at 10:07
I would not advise a programmer to read about marketing :) will not help.IMHO what you need in your situation is experience.
  • Experience, but the ability to sell yourself is the inherent quality of any freelancer, without this in any way. We need to develop it – Clever56 Jun 5 '14 at 07:58
  • [[Bandicoot]] so then you should not read marketing but negotiation, interpersonal communication and relationships – Brainy Bear Jun 5 '14 at 08:01
  • Brainy Bear advise something? – Clever56 Jun 5 '14 at 08:04
  • changed the question, instead of marketing it is more reasonable to be interested in negotiations – Clever56 Jun 5 '14 at 08:37
  • Clever56 1. Never read foreign authors. They have a different mentality and culture of negotiation.
    2. I was both the performer and the employer, alas, the negotiation patterns in my opinion are not applicable, most of the situations are unique.
    3. My practice has shown that more psychology is needed and not negotiations, i.e. First of all, the task is to understand what kind of person this is, by understanding this, you will find an approach to it.
    And I don’t know, I’m ordering for freelance - politeness, meeting deadlines, periodically informing about the beginning, end of work, hitch, individual approach - that's all you need a freelancer for successful cooperation with him. Since if he were at least 10 times a master of negotiations, but if he has a bad year, he writes it for a long time, then all negotiation skills are worthless.
    – Brainy Bear Jun 5 '14 at 08:57
magazine"practice of Internet marketing" unequivocally.
Oh, we go the way where people do not want to learn to do something useful, except to talk? Familiar personnel officers complain all the time - people learned how to behave at the interview, but did not learn how to use Excelem)
Maybe you just need a good specialist and hone your skills? Then employers themselves will persuade you to work for as much money as they can give?
  • I can do something useful, but I can earn very little. The problem is that I do not know how to negotiate, business correspondence – Clever56 Jun 5 '14 at 09:49
  • In this case, it seems to me, you just need to determine for yourself the price for which it will be comfortable for you to work (at the rate of per hour) and not to offer yourself cheaper. With a portfolio (resume, feedback, experience) you will always have an influx of orders, and these will be “your” people with whom you will converge, and you will not need others. – Nervous78 Jun 11 '14 at 03:33
  • I wonder how you would rewrite your answer three years later... well, if, of course, you have been freelancing with different customers all this time (and not just a remote project manager on the same project). – Real Assault Sep 21 '17 at 04:23
  • Real Assault, I do not work as a freelancer, but the main work during this time changed – Gifted Giraffe Sep 21 '17 at 06:59
In any incomprehensible situation read Camp.For example, Gorbunov’s Bureau is very fond of him, and they will not advise the bad( example, I"First say" No"" more than once helped negotiate work to conduct exactly the way he wanted.
Sergey Azimov"Sales and Negotiations", Mark Goulston"I hear through you"
I recently read: Alexey Rybkin, Oleg Emikh"Tough negotiations.Nothing personal - only business"(

A good book about how to behave in negotiations, how not to succumb to manipulation and skillfully parry them.Examples are given the truth from the field of"trading networks"(ie, not for programmers), but for the beginning it will go.The techniques are the same everywhere.