Interested in the"right", but rather convenient and effective organizing the project.For example, let there be a site with ads using ajax filtering and other convenient features.

- Which way to go, backend - use Django + jQuery templates or use the full frontend framework(vuejs || react || angular) + django to get json data?

If I combine for example, I will issue Django pages but on separate templates I use vuejs? + If you use webpack, just load the main databases, and hide them in the template itself?
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    – Disney's88 Aug 12 '17 at 08:32
  • Disney's88: Libraries: vuejs, bootstrap...
    Scripts: A specific application on vuejs
    – Kermit's Kangaroo Aug 12 '17 at 11:32

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Solve the problem as you prefer.Not always everyone needs full SPA applications, not always everyone needs typical sites.You can implement the SPA application in those parts of the site where this is really necessary, for example, VueJS allows you to do this.

For data transfer, you can use the Django REST Framework, but if it seemed redundant to you for a task, then nothing will be wrong if you give data through the usual JSONResponse