Tell me where you can find simple examples of a finite state machine(finite state machine) in javascript.
It is the application examples that are of interest without the use of libraries or frameworks.

Desired format: article of 10,000 characters at most with a simple reproducible example.
  • An excellent question, I myself would like to sort it out a little bit, unfortunately, except I didn’t see anything like that on a habr. And these libraries, times, two – Demonic47 Feb 23 '14 at 23:18

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For the sake of curiosity, what's the difference in which language to implement the machine? It means that it will be easier for you to find materials with examples on c/c #python, etc.and porting to js is not tricky.There is nothing much specific about them...

Well, well... machine-in...
podefr.tumblr .com/post/20126646784/140-bytes-finit...
The easiest way to implement a state machine is, of course, good old switchtechnology. Example on the jsfiddle.

The simplest state machine should store its state in just one variable.

Well, then you can complicate to infinity.