Good day! I can’t find information on the network about whether this is possible:'word3'} b={SomeFunc(x): AnotherFunc(y) for x, y in a} #created a dictionary where it was applied to keys and/or values ​​of the function
I don’t want to cycle through the loop, the generators are much more beautiful.
How beautiful to implement?
  • in a.items() – Robot Hovercraft Apr 4 '17 at 01:32
  • Robot Hovercraft: In! Thank you very much. It is even a shame that such an elementary thing did not take into account.... – Horrifying11 Apr 4 '17 at 01:48

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Try a bolder attempt:
b={key.upper(): value[:: - 1] for key, value in a.items()}

  • thank! Languages ​​in the head interfere, several projects on the shoulders, such an elementary thing did not understand – Horrifying11 Apr 4 '17 at 01:49