Welcome To Zap Bikes

As technology advances every single year so does our ability to produce new products that make our lives easier. Some of the latest and greatest modes of transportation keep getting better and better.

ZapBikes_-_modesMore and more modes of transportation are moving to run on electricity verses using gas power. Soon you will see mini helicopters and planes that will also be running on electric power.

There are many different forms of transportation that we still used today. Although right now many of it is not electric. It is something that is still in the works. Many forms of transportation that are electric are recreational use and some cars and trucks. Some of the larger forms of transport like trucking, trains, air lines, helicopter and boats are still run but other sources.

There have been some new recent developments with a motorcycle and helicopter combined into one. At some point our technology will allow us to use this is an electric transport vehicle in both ground and air.

transforming-helicopter-motorcycleThis vehicle is demonstrating just how far technology has come over the years and producing some amazing new vehicles. Years ago it was skateboards, now it is electric scooters. We also now have ground and air vehicles that can automatically transform getting you past traffic jams.