Poor Biker’s David From A Bike Lover Turn into Bike Shop Boss

One of the most common factors that affect people as they start in their businesses is the lack of capital and experience. This has been seen to discourage many people and even prevent them from achieving their dreams. This is exactly what happened to one young man named David. David grew up around bikes, and ever since he was young, he loved them. They always made him feel great and as soon as he was a teenager, he wanted to learn how to ride them. He took lessons from some of the bigger boys who knew how to and before long, he was cruising along the streets in bikes that belonged to his friends. He wanted to have a bike of his own, but owing to him being poor, he could not afford to get one of his own. This hurt him very much as it was his biggest dream. One of his biggest supporters was his father. He too didn’t have enough money to buy him a bike but he constantly encouraged David to never give up on his dream. Soon an idea came to David. He wanted to set up a bike shop of his own, but he didn’t have enough money. He approached one of his friends and after telling him his plans, lucky he won a jackpot from one of the best online casino Malaysia, David was very happy and went back to tell his father what had happened.

David’s father was happy for his hard-working son, but before he left, he gave him some tips on how to become a good bike shop owner. These are some of the tips David remembers;

1: Set goals for yourself

When you let others set your goals or modify them for you, this can have several damaging effects on your ability to achieve them. First, it’s now no longer your goal, and you have no sense of ownership or commitment to this new goal, as its now someone else’s goal. Second, people can look to make you more aggressive and look to set the goal to be bigger than you believe possible, and when you lack belief, this can cause you to quit at the first sign of difficulty. If people want to be involved, then let them help you define how you will achieve your goal, but don’t let them set a new goal for you.

2: Determine your levels of success

If you don’t know what success looks like, how will you know when you have achieved it. If you don’t have a clear goal, then you cannot put a clear plan in place to achieve it. This could be said, improving the number of sales for your business. You can then decide that your success will be a 20% increase.

3: Always keep track of your advancements

When the going gets tough, it’s great to hear that progress is being made.Sometimes when you have your head down and are charging towards the finishing line, it can be difficult to know just how close you are, and hearing the progress can encourage you to make that final push to get over the line. With this tip on how to achieve goals, you will always celebrate your small wins and motivate yourself to go further.

4: Always aim high

when setting big bold goals, it can be daunting in the early days, and the best way to counter this is to break down your big goal into a series of small goals. These are goals that are easy to achieve and lead to your main goal. By achieving numerous small goals, you will be motivated. You will no longer see your main goal as a big one, and soon you will achieve them all.

With this advice in mind, David was ready to set up a bike shop. He was however afraid as he didn’t have any experience in how to run it. This however didn’t deter him from going for his dream. He worked hard on his dream to become a bike shop boss, and after numerous challenges along the way, he finally made it into one of the biggest bike shop owners in the country. He mainly attributes his success to the great advice given to him by his father. That is how David moved from being a poor bike lover into a bike shop boss.